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OSCONA is a professional company that specializes in the manufacture, sales, and repair of navigation and communication equipment for ships through a one-stop basis.

We understand that navigation and communication equipment for ships, which are in overall trend of modernization and automation, have different characteristics for each maker. They serve different purposes to practically solve difficult problems. Thus, to meet the mutual interface and solution of the equipment of each maker, we secured measuring instruments with built-in computers and established a general mall network where our customers can conveniently and easily purchase our products that are specialized for each maker. In addition, we try to acquire new information and technologies through Internet to accumulate and develop cutting-edge technologies. We are also making efforts to respond to the trend of the era through knowledge exchange.

Moreover, we serve as an enterprise that helps the customers to promptly solve their difficulties in material procurement caused by the challenges of finding domestic enterprises that specialize in navigation and communication equipment.

We will do our best to become the competitive leader in service and technical development by securing ship networks and high-quality engineers with outstanding abilities in creating solutions through general navigation and communication equipment.